See how “super” pictures posted by people to Facebook or Instagram are created. Be careful, because not everything you see online is true

Publishing private photos on social networking sites is very popular and some have even become addicted to it. A special place among all the photos on the web is occupied by so-called selfies, or photos taken by someone of their own self. Can you trust your own eyes?

Not always, especially if you look through photos on social networking sites. Their authors often exaggerate reality, showing it only from their chosen perspective, which distorts the realities of their own lives.


The problem of falsifying reality in the pictures published on Facebook or Instagram was noticed by Hồ Anh Đức, a young Vietnamese man. In regard to the problem, he showed that Photoshop and graphics skills aren’t necessary to make a picture deceive and impress its audience and make those who see it envy what it depicts.

As it turns out, a vibrant imagination and cleverness is enough to paint an alternative reality, which will be envied by all who see it.

If you’re jealous of a friend standing on a sandy beach or a friend whose girlfriend took a picture of while he was sleeping, it’s worth considering whether these people are trying to scam us and are just staging the situations. Or maybe you do something like this yourself?

Here’s the whole truth about taking selfies and more.