See how to diagnose your health based on the color of your fingernails. You don’t want to know what yellow means!

Not everyone knows that fingernails show the body’s condition. If you have a hidden health problem, then fingernails may show that something is wrong. It’s a warning sign that should not be underestimated.

Although they differ in shape and size between individuals, healthy nails have common characteristics such as hardness, smoothness and translucency. If the nail base doesn’t receive enough nutrients, then the nail is destroyed, fades and looks bad. It’s also a sign that something is wrong with our health. Here are some tips that will allow you to recognize changes, that show health problems.

1. The nails are brittle

This suggests dry skin, a lack of vitamin B7 (biotin), and iron. They can also split because of the frequent use of nail polish and remover on the plate. This condition is also associated with fungal infections, and even thyroid problems.


2. White nails

If your nails are almost completely white, and the top has a pink or black border, it may mean that you have liver problems.


3. Red or brown streaks

It’s a sign that several blood vessels have been damaged. Probably the nail was crushed or smashed. If the changes persist for a long period of time and were not caused by an injury, you may have problems with your heart valves.