See how you can benefit by drinking 4 cups of milk a day – it’s worth taking the challenge!

Those who really want to gain weight need to increase their calorie intake. Of course, this can be done by eating more food, but for some it can be very difficult to achieve. A person who will consume 4000 calories, and is accustomed to eating 1,500 or 2,000 calories, may feel sick and possibly vomit.

To ease the intake of calories, you can consume four cups of milk a day. Doing this, you can gain weight significantly within 30 days. A quart of milk, the equivalent of 4 cups, contains a lot of calories, but only given that it’s whole milk.


It contains up to 2,430 calories, which translates into 4.5 oz. of protein, 6.8 oz. of carbohydrates and 6.8 oz. of fat. Drinking milk results in easing your calorie intake – a quart of milk will be enough for most people since there are still other daily meals that have to be taken into account.


Body builders often use this method, which is more effective than steroids. Studies have shown beyond doubt that vegetarian men, who on a daily basis eat small amounts of saturated fats, have much lower testosterone levels compared to non-vegetarians. There are significant correlations between testosterone levels and the consumption of saturated fat among men who have been lifting weights for at least a year.