See the best way to quickly make a phone case! It’s incredible, how easy and creative it is!

Smartphones cost a lot, and they have room for a lot of improvement. Sometimes a momentary distraction is enough to ruin your device. Sometimes it doesn’t completely break, but just scratches up horribly.

See the cheapest way to make a phone case. What’s interesting is that it combines a lot of traits – it’s cheap, it works for any phone, and you can choose from any color.


The trick is really simple, which makes it even harder to think of. All you have to do is blow up a balloon, squeeze your phone into it, and gently let the air out. The rubber will perfectly wrap the phone’s edges and back. It’s a great idea for when you forget your case or if there isn’t one available for your model.

Watch the video, it’s really easy!

You can get a good idea by accident, sometimes by observing it somewhere else, keeping to the rule: if it’s stupid, but works, it ain’t stupid.

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