See what kind of person you are based on the lines in your palm! Predict your future and see what will soon happen!

Many people say that human fate can be read from the hands. Apparently a lot about character, personality and future events are written just on the inside. You only need to know how to read and interpret them correctly! You can start by reading from your hands today!

You only need to master the basic principles and to know where the most important lines on the skin are. Ready?

The life line (A)

You can read the health, level of vitality and energy potential from it. However, it has nothing to do with life expectancy! On this basis you can’t specify how long you’ll live and when you’ll die.

A broad, deep, fairly clear line – you’ll enjoy good health and long dynamic life.
A narrow, short or indistinct line – susceptibility to disease, a lack of energy.
A disappearing or interrupted line – a bad moment in life like Illness, discontent, sad moments, or problems.
A wavy line – a lack of life balance and stability.
Double line – someone will have a huge impact on you and it’s hard for you to live your own life.

Also relevant is the range field that line of orbits. The larger, the more energy and enthusiasm.


The head line (B)

You can read about the intellect, way of thinking and personality from this.

Indistinct – low potential, an inability to implement bold projects.
Short – trouble focusing on one activity and little creativity.
Long and curvy – a lot of imagination and problem-solving skills.
Split at the end – a variety of interests, a lot of good ideas.
Simple – sober thinking, careful action.