The Secrets Hidden Beneath The Paintings! See How The Greatest Works Really Looked Like!

Advanced technology allows us to see even the smallest changes during the process of formation the works.

Thanks to the laser scanning, you can see what is under the image. Even the smallest mistakes and corrections will not hide!

1. Isabella Medici

Initially it was thought that the picture is fake. The x-ray showed that the work was created during the Renaissance. In the Victorian times someone decided to embellish it a bit to make the painting more attractive to a particular period. So the true character of Isabella is underneath.


2. The Lady and the Unicorn, Raphael Santi

This image was a favourite theme of historians who have long speculated about its meaning. The x-ray showed that the unicorn is a simple lapdog.


3. Pablo Picasso, The Blue Room

The analysis showed that underneath, there is a portrait of a man. Probably a friend of Picasso, but his identity has not been confirmed yet.


4. Phillip Otto Runge, a portrait of his wife Pauline

Beneath Pauline there is hidden another woman. She has long blonde hair and similar facial features.