Seven-year-Benjamin won the fight against cancer after 4 years. See his joy when mom his told him the good news

Cancer affects a growing circle of children. It takes away their childhood, depriving them of many valuable experiences that their peers acquire. Unfortunately, Casi Morris also heard this terrible diagnosis of her son.

Benjamin was a lovely boy, but when he finished three years of age, his world completely collapsed. Doctors discovered his acute lymphoblastic leukemia. This cancer of the bone marrow is typical for younger children, because it is the most frequently diagnosed type of cancer in toddlers. Doctors started so difficult struggle with the disease, and Benjamin traded the playground for a hospital room.


Benjamin was fighting cancer for more than half his life, but despite the suffering and pain, retained his childlike joy. Throughout the intensive treatment, he firmly believed that he would succeed and fulfill his dreams. In July this year, tests showed that the bone marrow does not have cancerous cells. When his mother heard this message, she was on cloud nine with joy.

After four years of wandering through hospitals, the Morris family succeeded!

It was the best news I’ve ever heard in my life, she thought to herself. She wanted for her son to have a souvenir of this wonderful moment. Casi pulled out the camera and recorded this sublime moment. Benjamin, when he heard that the cancer is gone, asked first whether this meant that he will go to summer camp. When his mother confirmed, the boy went crazy with joy that he will be able to enjoy his childhood as his colleagues do.

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