She almost died because of something that is daily practice for millions of people around the world. Be careful what you drink!

Rhonda Gessner shared an unpleasant story with internet users about her sister. In October 2001, the woman felt very bad. She had terrible stomach cramps and problems with moving around. There were times where she couldn’t get out of bed by herself in the morning. Doctors ran many tests, but found nothing.

The symptoms were getting stronger and the woman began to take 24 different prescription pills. She felt so bad that she often thought about death.

She bought life insurance and took care of all her financial matters. She decided to set off on one last trip with her children. 3 days before departing, she received a frightening new diagnosis. Doctors found that she was suffering from multiple sclerosis and diseases of the central nervous system.


Soon after, her sister remembered an article once sent to her by a friend. She asked the woman if she often drinks diet drinks with low sugar content, such as Coca-Cola Light. It turned out that she does and that they were the cause of the disastrous state of her health. More specifically, it was because of the sweetener aspartame. It’s almost 200 times sweeter than sugar, but contains far fewer calories. While digesting in the body, the ingredient causes many health problems.

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