She asked approached her son and asked for an apple. His answer upset her a lot…

This story happened when my child was just about to turn 6. I realized my son was sitting in the living room on the sofa holding two enormous apples. They were red, smelled beautifully and looked very tasty. I went up to him and asked :

‘Will you give mummy one apple?’
I didn’t really want it, I just wanted to see what his reaction would be – will he share without any problems or will he resist.


To my surprise he looked at me with his big eyes and quickly took a bite on one of the apples. A made a very disappointed face because that wasn’t what I had taught him for my whole life. I would tell him all the time that we must share things with others.

He didn’t pay attention to any of that and took a bite at the second one…


I felt extremely disappointed with what I just saw. I actually felt very sad.

Sitting beside him I looked how he chewed on both pieces. They didn’t fit in his mouth and some of them landed on the sofa.

After a moment he took one of his hands out to me and said :

‘Here you go, this one is sweeter!’