She Bought Sprite And Flooded Some Coloured Jellies! Look What She Got!

I do not know a person who does not like delicious and colourful jellies. They remind us of our childhood and make that we feel like children again. They are extremely addictive!

As soon as you will taste one, you want the whole package. Their popularity and delicious taste makes that many people begin to experiment with them. In combination with different products people create desserts, which are hard to resist!


Ideas for creative use of jellies are many, but we liked this one the most. Preparing it is very simple.

You only need a pack of jellies of any shape and taste (best are those in the shape of teddy bears) and a can of Sprite. We throw a bunch of colourful teddy bears into the mould and pour them with drink. If you do not have such cups, you can use muffin moulds as well. Then we put them into the refrigerator for a few hours. Here’s what was created!