She broke her neck in an accident. Before the doctors took her off life support, a miracle happened!

Sam Hemming wasa normal, cheerful student. She was 22-years old with the future lying bright ahead. Everything changed when she and her boyfriend had a traffic accident. At the time of the collision, she hit the windown with her head, smashed her skull and brok her vertebrae. Despite severe injuries, she was still fighting for her life.

Doctors have placed her in a pharmacologically-induced coma and performed an operation. Her parents were told to prepare for the worst. Their daughter could die at any minute. Her boyfriend, who caused the accident, suffered only minor injuries and fled the scene of an accident!


3 implanted metal plates were implanted into her head. Her vertebrae and arm were given support. However, 19 days later, the doctors decided to put her off life support. The girl was showing no signs of life, and prolonging the suffering of the parents was only a torment for them. When the parents said goodbye to their daughter, something amazing happended. The girl moved her toe! It was a sign that she was alive and fighting.

The last photo together before the accident.

Doctors thought it was a real miracle that, despite the injuries and no solid medical perspectives, she made it. And yet yes! The girl was not only alive, but began to regain her strength.