She built a house for her dad in an area of 51 sq. m. See the remarkable results of her work!

We all have dreams. Sometimes they relate to our future career – we want to be someone important and famous all over the world… and sometimes they’re associated with our private lives – dream of knowing relatives whom we haven’t seen, starting a family, building a house…

Bruce Porter has always been one for the simple life. He dreamed of a little house on a remote island. One day 30 years ago, he even managed to acquire a small plot of land off the coast of Maine on Ragged Island, but that was all he did. Meanwhile, he created a variety of more or less advanced designs of your home, but all his designs remained only dream. But one day, something extraordinary happened. His daughter, Alex Scott, grew up… and decided to become an architect.


Her new career allowed her to make her father’s dreams come true. With the help of her dad, she built a beautiful little mobile home with an area of 51.5 sq. m. Inside you can find all you need for a comfortable life :).

See for yourself!

There is no electricity on the island. The source of energy is the solar panels located on the roof.

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