She came on stage and began to sing, but when she turned around, the jurors understood that this was not the talent she came to show off. She put on a jaw-dropping performance!

Talent shows are popular in many countries of the world. Skilled people dream to show themselves to a wide audience who will watch their fabulous performance and envy their talent.

Ksenia Parkhatskaya is an extremely talented person coming from St Petersburg in Russia. She appeared in the Ukrainian edition of “You Can Dance” and charmed both judges and the audience by an amazing performance. She began with a beautiful rendering of jazz songs.


This already delighted the judges and left them awestruck, yet she did more. With her back turned at the judges, she gave a veritable show of her dancing skills.


The American ballroom dance from the 20’s of the twentieth century, charleston, is characterized by a very lively pace. Its energy was just imploding the stage with the Russian dancer.

This is exactly what we were looking for. Many dancers miss it – said one of the judges about her skills.

No one was surprised that Ksenia passed to the next level of the contest. We keep our fingers crossed for her and we hope that she will show the juries even more of her talent!