She chose to take a walk in the woods with her dogs. If she knew what would happen later, she would not have left home…

The fact that dogs are man’s most faithful friends, you need not remind anyone.

We have written about the dedication of dogs, their heroism and emotional intelligence many times. Such stories inspire, make us reflect on true friendship, love, loyalty and happiness, and many people encourage adopting and taking home a barking pet.


To these touching stories also belong a story about Mason, a dog, whose courage and dedication move to tears.

Mason, actually Steve Mason, was a mix of several breeds: a Husky, a Labrador and a Rottweiler. Nature has endowed him with a mild look and a really charming character. The owner says that she chose him from among all the other puppies, because – while the other dogs were yapping – he sat quietly and… smelled the flowers!