She could not cope with the ugly lime around the tap. Once she tried this out, she applies it to this day!

Stone sediment that accumulates, among others, on faucets and shower handles, looks very bad. Glossy surfaces become dull and seem neglected. Lime is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other unwanted microorganisms that can get into drinking water.

It arises from the so-called hard water containing a high concentration of calcium and magnesium. After drying, it produces lime sludge on taps and the shower. They may even cause costly failures and shorten the life of many household appliances.


Many people think that to get rid of lime, you have to buy highly corrosive chemicals. Of course, they are effective, but there is also a natural way of dealing with this problem. It is both cheap and easy to prepare.


Soak acloth in a bowl of distilled vinegar or a piece of an old cotton cloth. Make sure that the sink is completely dry. Then put the cloth around the surface of the stone and gently press it down. Leave it there for an hour.


After this time, make sure that the vinegar dissolved the sediment. If you still see stains, soak the material again and again and reapply it to the surface. Remove the remnants of lime by using a rough sponge or brush.

The sink will look as good as new without the use of chemicals!