She cut a piece of plastic bottle and put it next to an iron. The result made me speechless. Great idea!

Most women love jewellery. It easily changes our appearance, giving it a unique character. Some of us like modest accessories, while others choose magnificent ornaments, which effectively attract attention. Anyway, every woman wants to have something original which make the others just a bit jealous.

Today we show how you can change an ordinary plastic bottle into original bracelet. Most probably, all the items needed are already in your home :).

Here’s what you need:

– a plastic bottle
– duct tape
– iron
– scissors
– nail polish or paint.

1. Cover the bottle in tape at its widest point and cut off the excess.


2. Then remove the tape from the plastic rim.


3. Set the iron on medium heat and gently dab the plastic, so the sharp edges melt.