She cut potatoes in slices and put them into a muffin pan. When I saw how it turned out then I wanted to immediately do the same!

Potatoes are one of the most favorite vegetables in the world. There are many recipes for dishes made of potatoes, but in this proposal is most definitely one everyone will fall in love with.

Served in the form of beautiful, crunchy roses, they will be a fantastic decoration for even the most dull of dishes. See how simple it is to make!

Necessary Ingredients:

– 0.9 lb (400 g) of loose potatoes for purée
– egg yolk
–  1.2 lb (550 g) small, raw potatoes
– 3 tablespoons of oil
– a pinch of salt and pepper
– a muffin pan.


1. Peel the loose potatoes and cut into small cubes. Put them in a pot with salt water and boil.


2. Cook for 15 – 20 minutes. When they are ready, then strain and make them purée.


3. Chill the potato mass, add an egg yok, mix and set aside.

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