She drew a small dot on her hand. A moment later the police came to her house. You won’t guess why!

A woman found out about an unordinary campaign called “Black Dot”. She drew a black dot on her hand, took a picture, and sent it to her colleague from social service. A few hours later, the office worker came to her house with the help of the police. They were waiting for her husband, who had no idea what was about to happen.

The young woman was beaten and used by men. They had four kids, who were looking on at the dramatic events takings place in their room. The girl was inspired by another victim, who was also the victim of domestic violence. A picture with a black dot is a sign, that something’s wrong at home. It means that the person is suffering and needs immediate help. A quick telephone call to the police or another appropriate organization can save someone’s life. The campaign was started by a British woman, who wants to remain anonymous.



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