She got a Kinder surprise egg from her boyfriend. When she opened it, her life changed completely!

Kinder surprise eggs, as the name suggests, should include something special inside of them. We buy them not only for their delicious milk chocolate, but also for the toys hidden inside the yellow eggs. Mostly it’s a funny figure of a character, or small parts which require assembly.

Internet users often proved that Kinder surprise eggs can be an ideal packaging for a small present, e.g. a necklace or bracelet. Just separate the two parts and fit the jewelry inside. It’s also an excellent place to put an engagement ring in. Proposals with the use of Kinder surprise eggs are becoming more and more popular recently, which is why today we’d like to give a few suggestions on how to surprise our partner and ask for her hand in an unusual way.


Here’s how to hide the engagement ring in a Kinder surprise egg:

1. Gently take the tin foil off of the egg. Straighten it and carefully smooth it out.


2. Take a sharp knife and cut the egg into two halves. Before doing so, you can heat the blade to better cut through the shell.

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