She had alcohol poured all over her face and it was set ablaze. After two years, she decided to show the world her face. What does she look like? See for yourself!

Australian resident Dana Vulin was 28 years old, when her life was drastically changed. She was a victim of a sickly jealous woman’s revenge.

Everything started two years ago. At a party, Dana went to her friend to talk with him a bit. Unfortunately, his wife didn’t like that, who was in separation with him. She decided to seek revenge.


It started with psychological harassment. She threatened her several times over the phone. Meanwhile, she was preparing her awful vengeful plot. One day she heard: “I’m gonna ruin your face”. Natalie Dimitrovska wasn’t joking…


She broke into Dana’s home during the night, poured alcohol on her and set it on fire. The attacker was under the influence of drugs.