The Doctor Told Her That She Hasn’t Much Time… Her Reaction? Inspiring!

One day, an obese woman decided to lose weight and began regular heavy physical exercises. She decided to do that not because she wanted to improve her appearance. She decided to do it… for her beloved son!

Ms. Wang’s son suffered from kidney failure and without the donor he would have faced imminent death. His mother could be a donor, however, due to high obesity she was rejected – the remaining kidney could not cope with the “service” of the huge woman’s body.


As the donor did not appear, and the condition of the boy was worse with every day, the boy’s doctor told the woman that “his time is running out.” To save his son and to be able to give him a kidney, Ms. Wang began to run 12 miles a day and completely changed her diet. When she weighed herself 3 months later, the doctor could not believe in what he sees.

The woman really lost her weight and she was able to help his son! Watch the inspiring video that will really move your heart. Nothing is impossible!

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