She left her house just for a moment. While going back she saw a suspicious suitcase. You will never believe what was inside!

A resident of Southampton, Sarah Mills, came out of the house for a moment to take out the garbage. While returning, she came across a suspicious suitcase standing next to her house. Strange sounds were coming from inside. She opened it carefully and checked what was inside.

She couldn’t believe her eyes. She saw fifteen sweet kittens. They all looked at her frightened. Inside it was also their mother, but it quickly ran away as soon as Sarah opened the zip.


The cats were just few weeks old and were in a terrible condition. They were suffering from cat flu and had a lot of parasites.

Each day Sarah works for a charity in the UK – PDSA. She knew very well how to help the frightened kittens. Currently, the cats are staying in the aid centre for animals, waiting for a new owner.

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