She left her husband alone with their child. She didn’t expected to find this after returning!

In most cases, after birth the mom stays at home with the baby. She is with the baby non-stop, and knows its needs, whims, and can distinguish between the types of cries and knows best how to soothe the aggrieved little baby. Likewise, the phrase “maternal instinct” is not without reason – to women childcare comes intuitively.

Of course, there are fathers who have deal pretty good with newborns, but in many cases, leaving a father alone with a toddler ends up as shown in the photographs below. And although the photos show funny situations, the question arises – where do dads get their imagination and carefreeness?

Dad always will tell you the truth… Even those which you’d rather never know…

Every father is a role model for his child. Unfortunately, they’re not always worthy of imitation …

A few minutes alone with my dad, who is an unfulfilled stylist…

The effects of dad’s makeup experimentation are mind-boggling.

Swimming under the supervision of the progenitor is also full of charm :).