She put a plastic bag on her head and started doing her makeup. When she pulled it off, I was speechless!

Makeup trends are changing at a rapid pace and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with them. You have to be on top of everything, e.g. to know which shadow or lipstick is trendy this season. Of course, not all ladies blindly follow trends. Some have their favorite beauty products that they’ve been using for years and absolutely don’t intend to change them.

For all of those who like to experiment a bit with makeup, we have something special in store. Using a regular plastic bag, e.g. like the ones used for packing fruit, you can form truly fabulous makeup creation, similar to the mermaid Ariel.


In addition to a plastic bag, you need to have multi-colored eye shadows and sparkling extras, e.g. pearls and sequins.

Of course, this type of makeup is not suitable for going to school or on a date, but it will be perfect for Halloween or a costume party. This is a fantastic budget-friendly addition to a costume. “Fish scales” can also be applied to the body. They will look great on the neck, neckline and arms.


Take a look at how professionals do it. We assure you that it isn’t difficult!