She put cardboard wrapped in aluminum foil behind the radiator. You can do that too!

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and we will soon bid farewell to warm weather. Come cooler days and long autumn evenings.

We will have to put on warmer clothes and tweak our heaters. To save you some money on heating, we present you fabulous idea.


Just buy a piece of cardboard and simple aluminum foil. Carefully cover the cardboard with the foil and place it behind the radiator.

Warning! Do not save on the foil and buy one a little more expensive, thicker and more durable. You can also take advantage of the insulating heater film.


How does that work?

During the heating season, the walls give away a lot of heat (especially when the house is not properly insulated). The aluminum foil “reflects” the warm air and directs it towards the room.

This idea is a proven and inexpensive trick that will allow you to save a lot on heating. Of course, stores offer heater screens which operate on a similar principle, but they have to be glued to the wall. The advantage of a cardboard and foil is that at any moment you can pull it out and hide it, especially in the summer months.