She put make-up only on half of her face… When I saw the other half I couldn’t believe my eyes! Prepare to be totally shocked!

Every woman wants to look nice, so most of us have a meticulous make-up routine every morning. All one needs are suitable cosmetics, knowledge of a few basic tricks and a little patience to turn an ordinary grey mouse into a glamorous woman.

Makeup artist Nikkie proves that make-up can change people completely. She claims that a beautifully made up face not only hides imperfections, but also adds confidence that every woman needs.

In just a few minutes she almost completely changed her appearance. To make the difference more visible she put make-up only on half of her face, the rest was natural. See how she looks before and after.



It’s hard to believe that it’s the same woman. The difference is huge! Nikkie has a natural beauty and looks good also without make-up, but a few simple tricks underlined her greatest strengths and made her face take on a new expression. Congratulations on your talent!

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