She saved newborns abandoned in the trash for over 40 years! Her history wrings tears…

It’s not a surprise that this brave woman was hailed the greatest hero helping abandoned children. She saved 30 newborns abandoned in the dump during her life.

Lou Xiaoying is currently an 88 year old elder suffering from kidney failure. Even though she was poor, she knew that others need more help than she does…

She always lived in poverty. She supported herself by collecting and processing trash.

Together with her deceased husband, she took care of children who were thrown out by their parents. After Li Zin’s death, she wasn’t able to care for all the toddlers. She kept four and found homes for the rest, who are living a happy life.


The youngest son, Lou, is only seven years old. The woman found him in the trash in dire condition.

Despite her advanced age, she couldn’t ignore the fact that someone left him for certain death. She took the boy to her home in the village and took care of him. The nipper grew into a healthy and cheerful boy.

Miracle Mums 40 Babies

It all began in 1972, when she discovered an innocent little girl in the dump. The tiny baby laid frightened on top of the trash. Lou saved her life.

“Since I had the strength to carry heavy trash, how could I not have the strength to save a person’s life?” – she said after being asked about her actions.


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