Sister Eugenia was the only one who saw God the Father. The visionary wrote his message to humanity. Here is the content

Today’s world is moving forward and not looking back.

We have turned on the rest of things that are earthly and fleeting. We are still in a hurry. We pass each other. Many people in our lives appear only for a moment and although they may become close to us, we do not have time to get to know them. People no longer have faith and it is not even about faith in God, but about the hope that love is in us, and that good will eventually win.

These beautiful beliefs today are a rarity, empty words, slogans, very outdated and in the opinion of many, far from the truth. The world around us reminds us that there is no chance of a positive ending. Reality is brutal and cruel. But what must have happened to us that the Father God himself decided to intervene?

In the history of the Church there were many miracles and incomprehensible events, but none of them aroused so much controversy as the apparitions of a certain Italian nun. Sister Eugenia Elisabetta Ravasio revealed the words that God the Father spoke to people. The nun wrote the message of God in 1932, and it took almost half a century to reach the people. The Vatican has long examined the content of the apparition and finally recognized it.

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