She soaked a cotton swab in Listerine mouth wash and rubbed her armpit with it. A minute later? Incredible!

I never thought that liquid mouthwash can also be used for other purposes… until now. It can be used as an antiperspirant, it’s helpful in the fight against acne, and effectively repels fleas.

Also, read about other interesting ideas on what to use Listerine for and what various implementations it can have.


Why Listerine?

Today, we use it mostly as a mouthwash, but its creators had other plans for it. According to “Krazy Coupon Lady,” the liquid formula was developed in 1879. Listerine was used for the decontamination of surgical instruments. It was first introduced into stores as a breath freshening agent in 1970.

The wash has many valuable ingredients, among others, extract of thyme, eucalyptus and menthol, extracted from peppermint. It also contains alcohol, which is a strong antiseptic.


1. As an antiperspirant

If you’re out of antiperspirant, you can wipe your armpits with liquid Listerine. Not only will this reduce sweating, but also eliminate odor and freshen you up.

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