She spent over a week in the woods protecting her trapped friend. Their story is a real tearjerker

A few days ago, the organization Vashon Island Pet Protectors posted an ad that announced that two dogs had gone missing – Phoebe and Tillie. The volunteers swept the neighboring forests in hope of finding the dogs.

When they thought that they won’t be found again, a person called, informing that one of the lost dogs was spotted. The location where the dog should still be was reported.



When the rescuers reached the location, they saw something that deeply moved them. It turns out that Phoebe fell into an old well and couldn’t get out of it. Tillie stood patiently by the edge of the well and was watching over her friend. Both dogs were hungry and cold. They spent over a week in the forest. Thankfully, nothing bad happened to them.

Tillie’s behavior touched people all over the world. Too bad, that some people can’t be as loyal as that to each other. This case proves that we can learn how we should treat each other from animals!

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