She tied her child’s leg to a stone and left her in 100-degree heat! People treat animals better!

To earn some extra money, desperate people are able to do everything. There is no better evidence supporting that statement than this case. Parents of 15-month-old Shivani work every day, digging cable trenches in the ground in Ahmedabad (western India). They don’t have anyone to leave their daughter with, so they came up with an unconventional way to keep her in one place.

They tie the child to a stone with tape and leave her in the 100-degree heat. They then both go to work for less than $4 a day. The girl sits in the sun for 9 hours. She has less than 5 feet of tape at her disposal! The mother comes to feed her during a break.


I tie her up so that she doesn’t run out into the road. My son is only 3 ½ years old and cannot take care of his younger sister – explains 23-year-old Sarta Kaler, Shivani’s mother.