She took a panty liner and cut it into pieces. This trick will change the lives of hundreds of women! Be sure to tell your friends about it!

Clever internet users every so often prove that everyday objects can have completely new and interesting applications. Some of them are even more useful than the original purpose for those products. This is also the case with disposable panty liners, which in addition to providing ladies comfort, can be used for other purposes.

Take a look at what you can use an ordinary panty liner for!


1. Sweat absorber

If you have a problem with excessive sweating and wet stains almost always appear under the arms on your clothes, be sure to try out this idea involving the use of panty liners. Cut one into two parts and glue to the inside of your shirt. The fibers will absorb sweat and secure the clothing against sweat stains.


2. Always fresh feet

Place the liner in a pair of shoes to absorb moisture and sweat. As a result, your feet will be fresh and clean. It will also help when newly bought shoes turn out to be too big.


3. For makeup

So that eye shadow doesn’t spread all over the face, it’s a good idea to stick pieces of the cut liners under the lower eyelids.

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