She took a selfie in her swimsuit. She did not know that the revealing photo would save her life!

Selfies are now the most popular form of photography, and social portals are flooded with thousands of these photos every day.

There isn’t a single person who does not have at least one photo taken by his or her own hand. Often, photos that show our mirror reflection are also uploaded. Women especially love these photos as they can boast their silhouettes. Girls who exercise like these photos as well and enjoy uploading photos of themselves in swimsuits that show off their fit body.

There are followers who believe that when you have a well-kept body, it is worth showing it off. There are also opponents of this who think that such exposure is not good. Regardless of what side you are on, whether you like to share your life with others, or on the contrary, as it turns out, publishing photos can save lives as Cloe Jordan found out.

People paid attention to her mole and saved her life! Read about it on the next page.