She used a piece of wood to make a great gift for her boyfriend!

The time to celebrate some anniversary comes sooner or later in any relationship, whether it’s your partner’s birthday or the relationship’s anniversary or another event, you need to think of a present. We always want it to be one of a kind and not trite, and most importantly, something our partner would like. No one wants to disappoint their partner. Some go the way of buying expensive gifts, jewelry or other gadgets. But there’s nothing better than a handmade present, when you sacrifice time to make a loved one pleased.

That’s exactly what Amanda did, who she herself made an interesting gadget for her boyfriend with her own hands. On her loved ones birthday, she gave him a piece of wood with a hidden gadget 😉

First, she found a piece of wood, which was appropriate for making her idea come to life.


She cleaned the piece of wood of all bark and polished it.


After that she drilled a tunnel for a cable and cut a place for a phone. Obviously, she protected the wood with impregnate, so it wouldn’t darken and was protected from damage.


The present’s ready!


The interesting and pretty charger must have appealed to boyfriend’s taste.


It has the merits of an ideal gift: it’s nice, practical and handmade 🙂


What a girl! She came up with a great idea and did an excellent job making it, there’s nothing like it 🙂