She wanted to check the strength of her boyfriend’s love and hid under his bed, but she definitely didn’t expect this turn of events

When doing something behind someone’s back you should be careful not to get tricked yourself.

Love makes people happy, but it can also be the cause of cause suffering and sadness. It all depends on the relationship between the person in love and the person who makes them wistful. Everyone dreams of finding someone to love with reciprocity. But how can you be sure that your other half loves you sincerely and strongly?

Apparently, having trust is good, but having control is even better. Many women follow this rule and check on their partners and their fidelity in many different ways. Excessively monitoring your partner’s whereabouts is seen as a negative thing and indicates that you may have pathological jealousy or toxic feelings.

The desire to check in on a partner and their feelings might also be a result of typical curiosity. This was the case with a certain American girl, who quickly regretted putting her boyfriend to the test.

What did the girl learn about her lover? Keep reading and the ending of this story will definitely surprise you.

The girl wrote a letter to her boyfriend, where she told him that she wanted break up. She confessed that she had had enough of living with him and left the message in his room. She placed the envelope on the desk and hid herself under the bed to see the loved one’s reaction to her painful words.

When her boyfriend returned home and came into his room, he immediately noticed the letter on his desk. He sat down and calmly read the girl’s words, who was hiding under the bed quiet as a mouse. Once he familiarized himself with the message’s content, he immediately reached for his phone.

The girl thought that in a moment in her pocket she would feel the vibration from an incoming call from her brokenhearted loved one, but she was very disappointed. The boy called another woman and said that he finally managed to free himself of that stupid girl, he was single now and they could finally be happy together.

The girl was in shock. She didn’t think that her lover could so treacherously betray her. She felt lied to, humiliated and completely neglected. However, she decided not to come out of her hiding place because she wanted to avoid confronting the jerk who broke her heart leading a double life. Choking back tears she waited for the situation to develop.

After the phone conversation ended, the boyfriend wrote a reply to his former girlfriend, left the note on the desk, and left the house. The girl jumped out from underneath the bed as if she was laying on hot coals and ran to the desk to see what he wanted to tell her. The content of the letter was as follows:

Honey, if you ever want to trick me again, make sure your feet aren’t sticking out from under the bed. I went to the store, I’ll be right back. I love you.

The girl didn’t expect this turn of events: she wanted to check on her lover, and in the meantime he gave her a lesson and proved that trust and honesty are better than plotting behind someone’s back.

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