She wanted to have a unique pregnancy session, so she put the queen of bees on her stomach and waited for the entire street to collapse. Internet users are knocking themselves upside the head!

People feel a strong need to preserve the extraordinary changes that take place in their lives.

In these extraordinary, very important and exciting moments of life, they make photo shoots to commemorate solemn and important times for them. There are engagements, marriages and anniversary sessions made in beautiful nature, in beloved places of couples, in unusual scenery, such as underwater, or in a parachute flight.

There are also child and maternity sessions, where the tummy of the future mother is laid out and the relationship of the parents with their baby is shown, safe under the mother’s heart. Such photographs are not usually made under extreme circumstances. We are concerned about the welfare of the little one, so if they choose to go outdoors, they choose meadows, forests and lakes, where they pose in the bosom of nature. This time was a little different.

When internet users saw the pregnancy photo session of 33-year-old Emily Mueller from South Akron, Ohio, they first became frightened and then they hit themselves on the forehead. The American woman clearly made a point. At her session she chose nature’s bosom, but she approached nature too closely by allowing nature to place a swarm of 20 thousand bees on herself. Deciding on this strange and highly controversial photo session, she had only one thought on her mind.

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