She warmed a sock filled with salt in a pan and put it by her ear. This simple trick is used by hundreds of people!

Anyone who has ever suffered from ear pain even once, knows how annoying and painful the ailment is and how hard it is to find something that could relieve the discomfort.

This condition is most commonly caught by children to whom it is hard to explain that in spite of the given treatment, the ear will still hurt a little longer. It is no wonder that in such a situation we desperately look for alternative solutions that will make the pain less severe and allow us to function as normally as possible.


Relief usually comes after receiving antibiotics, but not always since the state of health of some may prevent them from reaching for such drugs. Another point is that it must be prescribed by a doctor, and we need to deal with the pain until we are able to visit a clinic. It turns out that there is a great home remedy. In addition, it uses two things that you surely always have at home.

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