An attractive girl was looking for a rich husband. The answer she got from a single banker just knocked her off her feet!

How do you get rich fast today?

Probably a lot of people will say by winning the lottery or robbing a bank. You might as well, but there are other ways to do it, for example, you can get married. Attractive and graceful girls do not look for students without money, just for the wealthy men who will fulfill their whims. The age and beauty of the candidates do not play a greater role here. It is important that the suitors have cash and do not spare a penny for new clothes, jewelry or foreign trips.

Such a piggy bank is best to keep around for longer. Competition is not asleep and there is a risk that another beauty will swoop in to take your rich man from right under your nose. It is better to not allow such situations and it is best to quickly stand on the wedding carpet or “accidentally” get pregnant. Then theoretically the sponsor is entangled for years and you can without worrying have access to his money. But where to find a rich husband? After all, he is not just around the corner.

Among other things, a beautiful and brazen young woman whose name we unfortunately do not know wanted to know the answer to this and many other questions. She posted the following post on the forum:
I want to be honest with you, this year I will be 25 years old. I am a beautiful and stylish woman with very good taste. My goal is to marry a man whose annual earnings are over $ 500,000. You will probably say I’m greedy, but in New York, people earning one million dollars a year are considered middle class. My expectations are not too high.

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