She was looking through old pictures of her husband. She couldn’t believe what she saw in one of them

It’s said that unpredicted events determine the roads we take in life and that’s partly true because unanticipated events or circumstances often change our existing plans. It also happens that coincidental events or occurrences are discovered only after years and stun the people whom they concern.

The randomness of the world has different names for it: fate, destiny, coincidence, but no matter the name, it makes the world a little strange, and most of all, surprising. Such a peculiar surprise happened to a young Chinese woman by the name of Yiqin Lu, who as bride-to-be came across a photo of her boyfriend in a family album, which immediately caught her attention.


In the photograph was her beloved, Hedong Zhang, as a 14-year-old boy. The photo was taken during a tour at a historic site. As it usually happens in these types of photographs, other tourists were visible in the background and one of those people caught Yiqin Lu’s attention. After taking a closer look at the person, she was pretty sure that it’s her mother!

Is the woman in red actually Yiqin Lu’s mom?
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In fact, Ms. Lu was in that exact place 15 years ago and it’s possible that she was standing in the background of the photo taken by the Zhang family. To confirm her finding, Yiqin Lu located photos of the event in her family album and found a picture of her mother standing in the same red jacket in the same place as in her fiancé’s photograph.

This photograph confirms the strange coincidence.
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The young couple believes that destiny brought them together and that they had always been meant to be together. They tell everyone the story of the photograph, because they still can’t believe that the young man and his future mother-in-law had been in the same place years ago. The whole story motivated them to put even greater care into their relationship, to not waste the great gift of love they received from fate.

People like to believe that something was meant to be, because that’s what makes them feel honored.
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