She was shocked that the man in the shop was showing his tongue.. If  you see him, you won’t be able to believe your own eyes!

In November of  2014 Byron Schlenker from New York was added to the Guinness Book of World Records as the owner of the largest tongue in the world. His fourteen-year-old daughter is runner up at beating his world record, who is also a happy owner of a giant tongue. She emphasizes that it’s only a half centimeter smaller than her father’s!

The man boasts that his tongue is almost 8 cm wide.

It’s wider and thicker than the newest iPhone 6!

Surprisingly, they both have no problems with eating nor speaking. He started inspecting his tongue since he was 15 years old. At that very moment he noticed that it’s somewhat bigger than other tongues. He got into the Guinness Book of World Records completely by accident. One day he saw on television an Australian, who was bragging that he had the biggest tongue in the world. The man knew, that his is much bigger and after being convinced by his wife and daughter, decided to show the world his own.