She Was Sued By Her Husband For Giving Birth To An Ugly Child! Shocking!

A resident of northern China – Jian Feng, divorced with his wife, because their newborn baby turned out to be very ugly.

“Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to such an extent that she scared me.” Said the desperate father in an interview.

The girl actually was not the most beautiful, but her mother loved her the most of the world.


The Chinese claims that he was treacherously deceived by a woman who bewitched him with her good look, which in fact was the result of the hard work of plastic surgeons.

She probably spent more than 100 000 US dollars for treatments that made her a beautiful person.

The woman initially did not want to tell the truth, it was only when her husband began to accuse her of treason, she decided to tell the truth. Reportedly, she was suffering from her poor appearance and therefore she decided to take such a step.

The man felt so cheated that he took her to the court and won $ 120,000. The woman went to the settlement.


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