She was tormented and starved in a traveling circus. Her fantastic transformation shows that fighting and having hope is always worth it

It has been known for a long time that animals in circuses don’t have an easy life. They’re not always treated well and are forced to perform circus tricks. Before that, of course, they must pass through an appropriate “training” course which prepares them to act on stage.

Although viewers watching the performances are satisfied, the tormented animals aren’t happy at all. They’re used and kept in cramped cages for years. They obviously live much shorter than animals living in the wild.


When a tigress named Asha was found in a traveling circus, she was 9 months old and in very bad shape. Although she was young, she was kept in a cage with adult tigers, which took her food away.


The organization “In-Sync Exotics” gave her a helping hand. She was transported to their headquarters and received treatment. This treatment wasn’t easy. The animal was malnourished and was suffering from many health problems.