She was yelled at for giving water to pigs which were going to be slaughtered. Her compassion and desire to help weren’t appreciated

Anita Krajnc from Toronto recently showed a little sympathy towards animals which were going to be slaughtered, but she hasn’t been congratulated for her deed, but rather on the contrary – the driver who was transporting the pigs, showered her with insults and began to threaten her.

The next day, the aggressive man contacted the police. He informed them that the woman gave the animals an unidentified liquid (although in the video it’s clearly visible that it’s water). Anita stood before the court, but we still don’t know how this case is going to end. She’s fighting both for her good name, as well as for the rights of animals destined for slaughter.

It’s frightening that the driver acted in such a way. But the woman didn’t do anything wrong – she was just giving water to the exhausted and dehydrated animals. It’s sad that now she has to prove her innocence in the judicial system. Giving a living being water isn’t a crime, but an act of kindness. It’s a shame that not everyone knows about it.

Perhaps the driver was of the opinion that it makes no sense to give them water, if they’re going to be killed soon anyways.

Take a look at how the incident played out.