She went on stage and started to sing… When the lights went out, her dress turned into something magical. See for yourselves!

Music moves, entertains, stimulates, puts us in a good mood and gives us the deepest of possible emotions we could live through. Sometimes it makes you cry, and other times it brings out authentic euphoria. It’s been proven that it effectively influences human emotion and feelings.

The songs that we most frequently choose not only show what taste we have, but also what state our emotions are in, at the present moment. It often brings up memories and makes us think about someone dear to our heart.




Probably everyone knows Jennifer Lopez and can hum at least one of her songs. She’s a pop music celebrity, a fashion designer and a dancer. From some time she also appears as a judge in the television show, American Idol. While watching this performance, it’s easy to understand, how she got there. Here choice was most certainly not an accident! And many singers that think of themselves as stars could envy her talent. Jennifer performed the song “Feel the Light”. Not only does her fantastic voice gain attention, but so does her amazing dress, which is hard not to look at. See for yourselves!

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