She woke up in the hospital and saw that her child was gone! The whole situation was caught on camera

Lory Beth Snyder’s infant daughter was admitted to NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital in Jonesboro (United States). 4-month-old Lorelai was experiencing extensive bleeding and had to be subjected to immediate treatment. Both the mother and daughter were very exhausted and fell asleep in their room.

The woman laid down on the bed, and put her child in the crib next to it. An hour later she woke up and saw that her daughter wasn’t there. A bag with baby products was missing and Lorelai’s belongings were scattered all over the room.


The woman ran into the hall and began to call for help. In another patient’s room, she found a group of laughing nurses, who were very surprised by her behavior. She also found that the person who took her child wasn’t a member of the staff. It later turned out that it was one of the patients.

When the mother wanted to get her baby back, the “kidnapper” offered to look after her and told the woman to rest. Lora didn’t agree and took her daughter back.

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