She worked hard to support her children. Chance changed her fate!

We never know what the day will bring, and above all, what life will bring. Sometimes, it seems that each day is the same as the next and nothing will change. However, sometimes a coincidence is all it takes, a moment in which you are in the right place at the right time, for your life to change.

Those who think that the one event which can change their life only happens in fairy tales should carefully read the story of a young woman from Nigeria.

Tinie Tempah, a British rapper of Nigerian descent, decided to have a photo shoot in Nigeria, walking through the streets accompanied by a photographer. One photo attracted the attention of everyone who saw the shoot.


In the photo, next to the rapper, was a girl standing with bread on her head. Everyone asked what the model’s name was. It turned out that it was an ordinary girl who was selling bread on the streets. Everyone started looking for her.