She wrapped her teeth in aluminum foil. The effects of this treatment are unbelievable!

You can have beautiful hair, perfect makeup and a perfectly fresh and radiant complexion, but if your smile is not snow-white, those treatments aren’t worth a penny. It’s true that people naturally have different shades of teeth, but not everyone received perfectly white smiles from their ancestors. We continue, however, to find new methods and ideas on how to achieve a snow-white smile.

This involves pretty costly expenses such as professional whitening or porcelain overlay. People try what they can to have a Hollywood smile. The solution is simpler than it seems!


First, you must find the source of what is staining your teeth. Coffee, wine and tea, as well as cigarettes make the teeth darker. Also pay attention to how you brush. Quick and imprecise cleaning as well as not using dental floss has its bad effects.


Instead of expensive whitening kits you should first try some home remedies. One of them is rubbing a banana peel on your teeth.

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