Show me your lips and I’ll tell you who you are…

Looking at a person’s face, we pay the most attention to the eyes, and then to the lips. No wonder that many women are trying to improve their beauty with treatments or cosmetic surgery to attract the attention of men and make other women jealous.

Most people would probably agree with the statement that the most beautiful lips are natural. It’s probably better to have thin lips than artificial balloons inflated with Botox, which cause others to be rather disgusted or to have pity for their owner. Appreciate your lips just as they are, because they’re an expression of your individuality and personality. They’re simply a unique feature that belongs only to you.


The company Yves Saint Laurent, famous among others for producing fantastic lipsticks, has conducted numerous studies which have shown that the appearance of lips is related to a person’s character. The shape, color or thickness of the lips is very important and affects how others view our faces. Check the placement, arrangement and shape of your lips and what they say about your nature:

1. Small sized lips, but full

You’re a person who appreciates things which are natural and avoids conflicts. You’re always ready to act, in life you look for effective and efficient solutions. You don’t like exaggeration and drama. People see you as a peaceful, independent and helpful person.

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2. Upper lips slightly smaller than the lower lips

You’re an extrovert with a temper, who likes to exaggerate problems. Group work doesn’t go so well for you and sometimes you run away from your responsibilities. You’re easily provoked. Your biggest advantage is a large desire to care for others.

Do you have full or thin lips? Maybe you have a Cupid’s bow? Be sure to check out the next page of this article. 

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