Showering habits that you should get rid of as soon as possible! They are dangerous for your health!

We decide to shower most often because it’s faster than taking a bath. A little shower gel or soap, a few minutes and you’re done. In reality, showering habits may bring more harm than good.

Here are some showering habits that ruin our skin and accelerate the aging process! If you do any of these things, it would be better if you’d stop.


1. Washing your face in the shower

The stream of water quickly washes facial gels off of the face and because of this, it’s not cleaned thoroughly. It’s better to wash your face with cool water in the sink.


2. Extremely hot water

Most of us take hot showers, very hot to be honest. This is very bad for us especially in the morning, when the body isn’t prepared for such a temperature shock.


3. No thought given to the skin

A long shower dries the skin and destroys it. Not to mention the water bill.

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