Sigalit Landau, an Israeli artist, kept a dress in the Dead Sea for 2 years and then she photographed it. The effect of her work is unique

As artists’ creativity knows no boundaries, many people may find their ideas strange and difficult to understand. Artistic work, however, is always meant to provoke some emotions in the viewer.

Sigalit Landau is an artist whose areas of interest include performance, graphics and sculpture but she also takes part in multimedia projects. One of her most interesting projects is photographing a dress submerged in the Dead Sea, which is famous for its extremely high salinity. The elegant, black dress was put into the water in 2014 and hasn’t been touched since then.


The series of pictures was titled Salt Bride. The name reflects precisely the result of the experiment – as time passed, salt slowly covered the dress and, once black and perfect for a funeral, it has become a white wedding dress.

After a few weeks there is little visible change.

The artist went under water several times and the crystallization process fascinated her. The minerals slowly covered the dress and finally turned it completely stiff with the shape reflecting the waving water. The effect is especially well seen at the back of the dress which, after 2 years, looks like The Snow Queen’s gown.

After two years in water it turned into a salt work of art.

How did the artist come up with such a project? You will find out on the next page.